Job Seekers

Below you will find links to sites that will help you with resume formats, ideas, and suggestions. Some of these sites are free and some charge a fee. There are many sites on the internet that will assist an individual with their resume, and these are a few that we thought had some practical and good suggestions, but there are many, many more good sites that you may find beneficial (we have no ties or connections with any of the listed sites).

Remember, a resume is a vital piece of the career seeking “puzzle”. The objective of any resume is to get the candidate face time with the potential employer so that the candidate may have an opportunity to discuss their skills, experience, and career goals, while learning more about the company. Very few, if any, companies or individuals will hire an applicant from simply looking at a resume or an application and if they do….BEWARE!

A professional resume should be clear and concise, showing the applicant’s objective, education, relevant skills, and work history coupled with job description. Ideally a resume should be one page, but for those with more extensive work history, it may require an additional page. Always proofread each resume before submitting, and check for spelling and grammatical errors. Confirm vital information such as phone numbers, email address, name, and address. There have been many applicants not granted an interview because of gross grammatical or spelling errors and even omission of their names and phone numbers (it’s true!).

Please note that there are several correct formats for resumes. These are from our experience in placing and hiring tens of thousands of individuals over the past 36 years. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR SEARCH and GOD BLESS.

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